Neptune Naiadis – The Brains behind Honey and Wheat Series

Neptune Naiadis was born Jenelle Samuels in Kingston, Jamaica. An avid reader from an early age, she quickly turned her attention to poetry and story writing. She is a current student of the University of the West Indies, under the Bachelor of fine arts in Animations.  She enjoys reading, drawing and writing and her poem “Matrona by the River” has been published in the Caribbean Writer’s journal’s Volume 34. She hopes to further her career in literature and her degree with a focus on poetry, writing for animations and in eventuality, lecturing at the tertiary level. Her favourite book, as of 2020, is from Fauna by Jacqueline Bishop.

Neptune Naiadis vision for Honey and Wheat is for it to become the leading platform for creative wellness and services and to hone and develop persons, of all age group’s creativity.