Shadaia Francis – The Brains behind Honey and Wheat Series

Shadaia Francis - The Brains behind Honey and Wheat Series

Hey! My name is Shadaia Francis, one of the co-founders of Honey and Wheat. I’d describe myself as dedicated, dependable, amiable, organized, and positive. I enjoy laughing, sleeping, writing, and empowering others. I believe that you get nowhere in life without being of service to others. My favourite is literally anything with cheese (cheese makes everything better), and nothing can beat a well spicy Curry Goat. I enjoy all genres of music, but if I had to choose, it would be Soca. I believe music has the power to heal and make people feel.

Shadaia Francis ultimate goal in life is to be like a light to others, to help others feel seen, valued, heard, and loved whenever I am in their presence. My vision for Honey and Wheat is to become that business that helps our family (customers) unlock their creative potential and feel as if they can accomplish whatever they want to with this potential. I’d also want them never to feel as if they are limited or confined, but that life is abundant and that there are multiple opportunities within the world for them.

Shadaia Francis


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